GravenRecords & Friends Sampler #1

For the first time in the short history of GravenRecords, all of the family heads involved (including even semi-distant cousins) got together around a big table of turkey, mashed taters and cranberry sauce and decided to get something out there with the GravenRecords namesake on it - The GR Sampler.

Finally, after all this time, Friends and Fans of GR can get a glimpse of what this community is all about. Although there are only 4 active bands fully invested in the label/community itself, many friends who are in and around the GR ideals have stepped up and pitched in to make an astounding free sampler of music. Featuring tracks from Silver Speakers (Toronto), Dave Norris & Local Ivan (Ottawa), Meredith Luce (Ottawa), The Gentlemen Husbands (Cobourg), Texting Mackenzie (Guelph), Prior Peter (Kingston), James & Blackburn (Ottawa) and yours truly, Graven (Kingston), the songs span many genres and locales along the southern to eastern Ontario thruway.

The beautiful & handcrafted artwork for the cover was done by a good friend of ours - Amanda Drodge.