O no!


O nO! is a band that began as a joke between guitarist Owen Edwards from Westport, ON and drummer Ben Gresik from Kingston, ON. Owen would often remark “Hey Ben, we should start an indie band” to which Ben would reply “Yes”. Eventually the two of them got together for a jam session in April of 2007 and ended up deciding that the chemistry between Owen's carefully constructed guitar riffs and Ben's theme based drum beats was enough to warrant starting a band. At this point Bassist/Keyboardist Joseph Popma was brought in to fill out the sound and change things up a little. The name O nO! was chosen after the band though they were having “Yoko Ono” syndrome after Joseph had to miss a practice because of a date. The band has been hard at work writing in the past year and has played a few shows here and there. In December of 2007 they released a 5 song EP entitled “A Taste of Things to Come” recorded in Ben's basement. Following this, they released their final EP entitled "A Taste of Things to Come" in April of 2008.


Owen Edwards, Ben Gresik, Joseph Popma


Kingston, Ontario, Canada.


A Taste of Things to Come (2007)

Share Favourable Brother (2008)