Through music room jams in high school and several shaky starts,
Kate and Will were very lucky to meet up with Kyle (who is
graduating this year from Ottawa U for percussion). Kate and
Will attend The Audio Recording Academy at Raven Street
Studios and are planning ideas for an EP to begin in the winter.
Although just newly birthed, Oceans is eagerly writing and
recording. Stay tuned for some demos & keep checking for

Recently, the suave sounds of Will, Katie and Kyle have won
them some acclaim in Ottawa as they are playing at the
Live Lounge (88.5 FM) at the end of January. They also
rocked a crowd of 100+ and left many in want at the first ever
GravenRecords Christmas Part-ay (which featured Oceans,
Graven and a few other friends this past Dec. 22 @ The
Rainbow Bistro in Ottawa).

Check out more info on Oceans by going to their myspace