Silver Speakers

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"While Warner is in all intents and purposes a folk artist, he stands out as someone unique with the ability to create a great song without much anesthetic. I don’t have any comparisons to throw out to you, I know folk-artists are a dime a dozen but artists like Tyrone should be part of the cream of the crop that I personally find to be rare." -- Allan's World of Music

"...the songs bounce between spacey rock and warbly folk, creating a sound that is both familiar, yet all its own... In the end, what is important to take away from Streetlights And Stars, besides being an indie-folk/rock record that deserves the adjective “indie,” is that it’s an appealing album, made by a talented musician on his own terms for fans of good music that’s devoid of industry pretense." -- Burnside Writers Collective

"This solo basement tape makin' dude lists Hayden, Pedro The Lion and Neil Young amongst his influences, but we're sure there's some secret punk rock in there because those grumbly, throaty vocals are exactly what all old punkers sound like when they drop the electric and go acoustic."

"...Beautiful, weird outsider-pop." -- Grant Lawrence, CBC Radio 3

"...Warner is certainly heading in the right direction. You can tell he has taken time to paint a vivid lyrical picture and his vocals are soft and comforting." -- Soundproof Magazine

"My advice: listen to it and I think you'll like it" -- Bolachas Gratis