002 - Graven - "From Mountainview to Canyon Heart"

'It doesn’t take much effort to get this EP—simply go to the website and click
a link or two—but it is definitely worth the five minutes out of your day to
download and the thirty-three minutes it takes to listen. The songs are made
with honesty and heart and invite you along for a little drive down a black
highway. It is a short trip any northwest music-lover should take.'
-Michael Dallas Miller, Burnside Writer's Collective

Release date: Winter 2008.

Info: Free acoustic EP, featuring Brendan Lorimer.


  1. Fresh Fish For Everyone
  2. Last Train To Leamington
  3. Hwy 5
  4. Barely Oregonian
  5. Carsleepers
  6. Inside Space Mountain
  7. Please Stay Bright, Desert Stars
  8. Jonboy
  9. Thirty Dollar Hotel
  10. Last Light Of The Canyon
(Liner Notes):
This work represents a trip I took out to Seattle, B.C., Portland, Vegas, Arizona and L.A. back in the spring. The EP/album was recorded all over the place on my wife's old G4 iBook. To add to the drama of the creative process, the whole computer crashed and I had to transfer all of the files on to a flash drive (while pressing the laptop down, on both sides, as I held it across my knee, pushing up on the loose logic board chip...it was really fun.) All of the songs are very personal and very stripped down. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

It's an EP served best on a cold afternoon with headphones on. Thanks for your support of Graven so far. Cheers!

(Artist/Song Listing)
Fresh Fish For Everyone
Matt - everything

Last Train To Leamington
Matt - guitars, vocals
Aaron Martin - guitars, harmony vocals, random outbursts
Dan Larocque - bursts into room at the end and says 'that's disgusting'

Hwy 5
Matt - everything

Barely Oregonian
Matt - everything

Matt - banjo, vocals
Brendan Lorimer - slide guitar

Inside Space Mountain
Matt - everything (Brendan originally played a track on this song but I basically had to re-record the whole song from scratch as the audio units became corrupted)

Please Stay Bright, Desert Stars
Matt - everything (except for random door creaks. friggin people).

Matt - everything

Thirty Dollar Hotel
Matt - piano, guitars, vocals
Brendan Lorimer - background acoustic wankery

Last Light Of The Canyon
Matt - everything