New free Silver Speakers EP: Fracture Clinic

A new "bedroom" record from Silver Speakers, featuring live favourite, "Wrong Blood," recorded for the first time. Written, recorded and performed entirely by myself, this album is about my own struggle with faith and the battle against the physical implications of anxiety and depression. This is an "after-midnight" record, a record by a living, breathing human being in all its raw and amateur glory. Inspired by the writings of Flannery O'Connor, several songs ruminate on the qualities of death and faith, and my own struggle with uninterrupted darkness. The EP closes with a track I recorded over a year ago (and at this point no one else has heard) called "The War is Over," written and tracked as one-half of a "double A-side" single by a band that has yet to be formed called "Format War." The album also includes a cover of my favourite Mountain Goats song, and a echo-drenched version of an old hymn. Please note, this record has not been mastered, so at times it may be quieter than the highly compressed/produced tracks in the rest of your audio collection. Thanks for listening.

-- Tyrone Warner, Silver Speakers